Learn to Make Italian Food


Italian food has long been amongst the most popular food in the world. Everyday people all over the world sit down to meals of fresh Italian food that tastes so good it’s hard to imagine making it yourself. However, there are some people who are up to the challenge of learning to make quality Italian food. For some it is not just enough to enjoy Italian food, they need to create Italian food. There are many options today for learning to cook Italian food. Some people live in areas where there are no Italian food cooking classes. Others may feel too self conscious in order to go to an Italian food class. But there is an option for everyone that wants to learn to cook Italian food whether they want to become a world class chef or if they just want to not be intimidated by a pot of boiling water and a handful of spaghetti. The great thing about Italian food is that it has great dishes that are simple to make for the beginner and complex dishes that take world class chefs years to master. There really is something for everyone. The first option to learn to cook Italian food is cooking classes or cooking school. If you want to become a professional Italian food chef then you will want to attend an accredited cooking school. There are many different culinary institutes in the United States and around the world that can help you specialize in Italian food. Research the different options and decide which will be best for you and will help you meet your goals. Some things to consider are tuition and location. You can attend school abroad or in your local area. If you want to start work right away after graduation at an Italian food restaurant, then see what kind of help the different schools give in job placement after graduation. Going to school to become a professional Italian food chef is very challenging but in the end it is extremely rewarding to know that you can craft some of the finest Italian food in the world. For those not wanting to necessarily become professionals, you can look into local cooking schools or community centers that offer lessons in cooking Italian food. You can learn to make specific regional Italian food or just take a few classes to teach you how to cook a meal for a special occasion to impress friends or family. Another great option in today’s world is to learn how to cook Italian food right from home. Today it is possible to take classes in cooking Italian food off of the internet. This is a great option for people who are self conscious or like to take things at their own speed in a comfortable environment. There are both paid and free cooking classes online that can help you with your Italian food skills. Research the different programs available and see what is right for you. Be sure to also … [Read more…]

The History of Pizza in Italian Food


Italian food is unique amongst world cuisines in that it has birthed not one, but two international sensations.  Of course I’m talking about pasta and pizza.  Pizza is one of the most widely eaten foods today.  While most people think of pizza in America as Italian food, it really is not like the pizza of authentic Italian food.  It is said that with one taste of pizza made in the style of authentic Italian food, you will never go back to the Americanized version.  Even when eating at Italian food restaurants it is hard to capture the distinguished taste of true Italian pizza. Pizza is one Italian food that has been around in one form or another for centuries.  It has a long history in the Mediterranean where it began as a seasoned flatbread that was used more as an edible plate to hold other food, rather than as a food by itself.  However, these earlier pizzas established a name for Italian food very early on and were eaten in Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Babylon and were emphatically praised by many historians of the day. It was in the Middle Ages that pizza began to take a form that would be more familiar to Italian food lovers today.  Pizza started out being just a dough topped with herbs and olive oil.  Once mozzarella cheese began to be produced from Indian Water Buffalo it quickly became a signature aspect of pizza.  Today at any true Italian food eatery this fresh mozzarella di buffalo is nonnegotiable.  The dried shredded mozzarella that is often associated with Italian food would actually never be used on a pizza made by a true Italian food chef. It wouldn’t be until the tomato became popular in Italian food in the 18th century that we would see modern pizza.  During this time pizza began to take an even more prominent role in Italian food.  In Naples pizza was sold on the streets for every meal.  This once peasant food was quickly taking hold of all of society, including the upper class.  In fact, by 1830 the first ever pizzeria was opened in Naples.  Ever since this time pizzerias have been found all over the world converting people to the love of Italian food. Traditional Italian pizza is cooked in a wood fired oven.  The reason American pizza is often not thought of as a true Italian food is because the large restaurant chains that specialize in pizza do not cook it in a wood fired oven.  Pizzas featured in Italian food restaurants should use only the freshest ingredients.  In Italy pizzas change with the seasons as new ingredients become available.  The great thing about pizza that has made it so popular is the fact that it can be topped with a vast array of toppings.  Each region of Italy has its own particular style of pizza that they specialize in, making use of the ingredients most readily available to them. So for real Italian food pizza it is … [Read more…]